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Hello,Just a quick question.I live in silly Sussex,but with a Yorkshire humor
My family were miners from Rossington and then Kent.In about 1955 we went to visit my uncle Sid Miles garage in Doncaster.It was on a busy road on a fork maybe.Memorys going.He had posters on rear of many local busses saying A Sid Miles car is a miles better car! Any info would be great.
                          Good luck to your club,Fred.
Dear Fred,
    The garage from where Sid Miles did his business is still standing in Beckett Road, Doncaster and now houses a taxi service and a discount tyres sales depot. From Beckett Road Sid set up business in St. Sepulchre Gate West and from there to Low Road Balby. Several car club members remember him and purchased cars from him. In 1957 Ron Whitfield bought from him his 1936 Vauxhall BKL with connaught body, following a telephone conversation from Sid to Ron suggesting he came down to look at a car which he thought he would like. Terry Wilson's dad bought an Austin 10 from Sid in the early 1950's. Hope this helps,
Best wishes,
Stuart Carey (Chairman T.C.C.)
Dear Stuart and members thanks a million for this.Really set the brain on overtime.Found Sids garage ,now tyres,on Google maps.Cant thank you enough,Fred.