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I am a bit worried about my car (a 1959 Hillman Minx as some of you may know) it seems to be losing water recently...not that I can see evidence of it under the car or anything, but I have had to put in over 1.5 litres to top the radiator up since about a month ago (bearing in mind I only drive it once or twice a week at the most on short trips of under five miles). I have been told that this isn't something that should normally be necessary if all is running as it should be, hence my concern.
The temperature also seems to be running higher than it was previously.
Should I be very concerned about this? Are they signs that something is very amiss with the car?
I realise to many of you that this will seem a very silly question, but please bear in mind that I am a totally novice when it comes to cars and all things mechanical so I am appealing to those of you who know much more about such things than me.

Any advice or help would be welcome.
If anyone wants to get in touch my e-mail address is or my phone number is 01977 663271

I won't be at the meeting tonight as both myself and my other half have colds which I don't want to inflict on any of you, but we should be there next fortnight (with or without my car depending on how things have developed).

I am, not for the first time, worrying that taking on such an old vehicle with little to no knowledge may have been a foolish thing to do...